Sheep at the Show

The Texel sheep originates from the island of Texel off the Dutch North-Sea coast.The British Texel is a medium sized Read more.
Ryeland Sheep
The Ryeland’s face is well woolled and its ears are of medium size, slightly dark in colour. Ryeland’s heads have Read more.
Kerry Hills
Kerry Hill
   A well-balanced sturdy sheep with ears set high and free from wool. A black nose and sharply defined black Read more.
Derbyshire Gritstones
Derbyshire Gritstone
One of the oldest native sheep breeds in Britain, a hornless breed in the mountain and hill classification, the Derbyshire Read more.
Herdwicks are a sturdy, strong boned sheep. The rams in particular have a broad chest, noticeably thick-set legs and may Read more.
Badger Face Welsh mountains
Badger Face Welsh Mountain
Badger Face Welsh Mountain Torddu, the Welsh name meaning ‘black belly’ have distinct black stripes above the eyes and a Read more.
Black face welsh mountain
Black Welsh Mountain
Hardiness and self-reliance are the outstanding features of this ancient breed. Hill flocks of this breed, in normal conditions, require Read more.
Valais Blacknose
Valais Blacknose
Although the earliest mention of these sheep dates back to the 1400’s this large framed docile mountain sheep was first recognised Read more.
Grey Faced Dartmoor
Grey Faced Dartmoor
The Greyface Dartmoor is a rare breed of domestic sheep originating around Dartmoor in south west England. Also known as Read more.
The Zwartbles has a striking appearance: a black/brown fleece, a white blaze on the face, 2 – 4 white socks, Read more.
Castlemilk Moorit
Castlemilk Moorits
The Castlemilk Moorit is a rare breed of domestic sheep (also known as Moorit Shetland, Milledge Sheep, or Castlemilk Shetland) Read more.
Whitefaced woodlands
White Faced Woodland
The Whitefaced Woodland is a sheep breed from the South Pennines in England, also known as the Penistone sheep after Read more.
Rough Fell Sheep
Rough Fell
The Rough Fell is an upland breed of sheep, originating in England. It is common on fell and moorland farms, Read more.
North Country Cheviots
North Country Cheviot
The North Country Cheviot has a striking, alert look with erect ears. The head is brilliant white and woolly. The Read more.
Oxford Down
Oxford Down
Oxford Downs have a dark brown face and ears with white wool covering the body and stretching up onto the Read more.
The Shetland is one of the smallest of native UK breeds. It has a small tan-coloured face and tan legs. Read more.
Shropshire sheep are medium in size with a black face and legs with a dense white fleece growing up over Read more.