Derbyshire Gritstone

One of the oldest native sheep breeds in Britain, a hornless breed in the mountain and hill classification, the Derbyshire Gritstone has the qualities and potential to increase the agricultural productivity of the bleak upland areas of the north Country and of Wales. The Gritstone is strong and resistant to disease and a most economical sheep on high ground.

 Bred to be adaptable to the difficult and rigorous environment of the wild rugged High Peak country, the Derbyshire Gritstone has a capacity to thrive and produce lively lambs which, on ewes with highly developed mothering qualities and a good milk flow, have a relatively rapid growth rate and high survival traits. They mature well to dress at 18.14Kg (40 llbs) in sixteen weeks on the hill to 21.34Kg (47 llbs) in ten weeks on marginal land.